Financial Model Design

Because you need to know what is going to happen

The design of a financial model is often one of the major challenges for a new business. Altovation uses basic accounting and actuarial modelling principles to give basic and complex financial models for extended periods of time.

We also assist existing businesses to find out why they are not making money.

The financial model creates performance goals and answers a lot of questions related to how to go to market, what to expect from sales, development of the production system and how the operations need to sustain the balance sheet. This type of analysis is critical for funders and for business owners to determine operational and capital requirements.

Development of a financial model typically takes about 2 days. The first day is spent on collecting information and the second day is spent working on the detail and observations. Call us today for a quote.

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Ranging from sales teams, process efficiencies to growth strategies – we have advisory services to assist your company with all its needs.

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